Lone Star Industries
"We Manufacture To Fit Your Needs."
About Us

For more than 25 years Lone Star Industries has been supplying quality production chemicals for the oil and gas industry with an unsurpassed commitment to excellence.

Founded by John and Judy Gray and located in the Southern Region of Texas, Lone Star Industries continues to be an innovator providing quality products around the nation.

During the past few years, Lone Star Industries has expanded its operations not only in the South Texas area but throughout Mexico, Central America, and now in South America making sure that performance products demanded by our customers fit their respective needs. Additionally, Lone Star Industries is now embarking on new services which will add to the already comprehensive packages that we offer our customers by introducing bio-remediation alternatives as well.

Throughout the years, it has been our long term goal to insure that the line of products offered by Lone Star Industries meet or exceed the industry standards. We do this by working together with
our present customers on a daily basis as well as new ones, by listening very carefully to what their specific needs are and may be then crafting together the right product or line of products which will in turn make their production needs and goals a reality. We take great pride in ourselves that we are able to do so even during these hard times of uncertainty.

Our products address and solve specific problems related to your production site. No matter the situation, Lone Star Industries will still provide a guaranteed solution.

Lone Star Industries
P.O. Box 188
57 E HWY 359
Hebbronville, TX 78361
(361) 527-4460
FAX (361) 527-3089

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